Extra-Financial Reporting Benelux Forum 2014

The context of extra-financial reporting is rapidly evolving, paticularly in consideration of the new requirements of transparency with stakeholders. In light of the recent adoption of the EU Directive by the European Parliament on the disclosure of non-financial and diversity information, some see this new regulation as an extra cost while others envision this an opportunity for raise their company profile.

The Extra-Financial Reporting Benelux Forum 2014 aims to exchange with a panel of experts on the context of extra-financial reporting and provide answers on the following themes:

  • What is the current situation of extra-financial reporting in Europe and in the Benelux ?
  • What are the principles and obligations for organisations in Europe in terms of disclosing non-financial information ?
  • How to comply and get prepared for the EU Parliament’s Directive (amending directives 78/660/CEE and 83/349/CEE) for the disclosure of non-financial information ?
  • What is the added value for organisations to be involved in non-financial reporting ?
  • How does the financial system support the organisations’ transparency on non-financial aspects ?
  • What are the factors of success in establishing a non-financial report ?

All these themes will be debated by a panel of experts during the Extra-Financial Reporting Benelux Forum 2014 on 6 novembre 2014 at the Conference Centre in Abbaye de Neumünster.

More info: https://events.hr2d.net/en/benelux-extra-financial-reporting/

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