ISO 20400 – Sustainable procurement

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Overall context

ISO 20400 is the upcoming international standard on responsible procurement (SP). Under the form of guidelines – non certifiable – it explains why and how to integrate considerations of sustainability inside the procurement activities of organizations, as part of their social responsibility.

The ISO 26000 guidelines on social responsibility are a strong source of reference for this standard. They define the scope of what is understood under sustainability applied to all types of organizations.

The one-day training

The starting point of the dynamic is to realize the huge potential of the purchasing decisions and activities to align the overall sustainability ambition of an organization with the daily act of buying, and to extend sustainability practices into the supply chain.

Step by step, our training will lead you into the logic of the guidelines :

  • Morning (9.30 – 12.30)
    • Overview of the standard structure
    • What? The concept: what do we mean by SP?
    • Why? The rationale: the impacts inside and outside of a bad or good procurement
  • Afternoon (2.00 – 4.30 pm)
    • Who? The responsibilities: who should do what, at each level of the organization?
    • How? The commitments, the enablers and the integration into the procurement process

The entire training is illustrated with business cases, exercises and examples of tools for mapping an addressing the risks and opportunities along your supply chain. It addresses both public and private organizations.

The programme is punctuated by tasty and healthy breaks, drinks and lunch.

Is it for you?

Yes, if

  • you are in charge of sustainability and/or procurement activities in your organization
  • you have a basic knowledge of social responsibility
  • you are a pioneer and want to be up to date with the best practices of procurement at international level
  • you want to be trained by the 2 official Belgian delegates to ISO: Marie d’Huart and Serge De Backer, founding partners of CAP conseil


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