Burundi: first country to integrate future SDGs?

With the support of the IFDD – Institut Francophone du Développement Durable, Burundi is developing its national sustainable development strategy like many other French-speaking African countries.

The following two aspects adapt the well-established process of the IFDD:

  • The emergence of new SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals. Expected by end 2015, those (17) goals will replace the current MDGs – Millennium Development Goals. The SDGs are strategic targets for Burundi, which is part of the 15 countries selected by the UN to test the SDG’s implementation in practice. A great opportunity for La Francophonie to offer targeted support!
  • The preexistence of a PRSP – Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper: strongly supported by other technical and financial partners such as United Nations’ agencies, this text might be the one which will evolve to take into consideration the SD goals. This would avoid to draft a strategy aside, with the consequent risk that it remains a dead letter. This requires a new synergy between donors, ministries and vice-presidencies and a stronger governance to make the SDG and the fight against poverty really operative.

CAP conseil is in charge to pilot the process with the designated inter-ministerial committee, from 2014 to 2016.

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