CAP strategieAt CAP, we think and argue with you. Based on available or to be created best practices, methods and tools. CAP is able to support your organizational strategy to align it with the changing expectations of Society and the real needs of people who suround you. The ISO 26000 Guidelines are central to our approach: internationally recognized, modern, we endorse their approach and decode it for you to make it your strategic framework.

We conduct this process in several ways:

  • Discussion with the management: in one hour and a half or three hours, an interview with the managers is essential to ensure a good understanding of sustainable development issues and its implications for the organization. Without the approval of the Executive Committee, few approaches are relevant, efficient … sustainable. This involves a lot of psychology, boldness, vision. Everything you expect from a good leader!
  •  Diagnosis: with a questionnaire and indicators, looking at market researches, interviews and surveys, CAP dresses a photo fit of your organization at time zero and the long-term trends in your industry. This multi-faceted analysis serves as a starting point for defining areas of work for a SR policy that makes sense.
  • Internal brainstorming: often with a bit of theory to get everyone to level, this teamwork can bring out the best ideas and generate a collective enthusiasm for the project. We use methods to generate innovation and manage change generated by these sessions.
  • Dashboard: we define with you the relevant areas of work and the dashboard to measure progress of implemented actions.

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