Stakeholder engagement

Eléphants s'abreuvantIt was so obvious we almost forgot to talk about it: involving its stakeholders in a strategic process, a revision of its objectives, an evaluation or a reporting. But this is fundamental. The general principle is now that without consulting its stakeholders, the developed strategy is not accomplished. The shared intelligence will be missing, just like the legitimacy it grants. It is incongruous, innovative to invite people to talk about ethics, sustainable development and strategic realignment. It’s different and complementary to satisfaction surveys, opinion polls and marketing tests. And it’s so rewarding! Concretely, we often combine several types of dialogues to cross information and consolidate their learning:

  • Interviews: to gather specific views of key people to the organization.
  • Focus groups and stakeholder panels: to discuss with 10 to 15 people, selected for their knowledge of the topic and their potential contribution to the chosen subject.
  • Web polls and sms: to collect quantitative information, to objectivize conclusions and learn from statistics.
  • Field investigations: face-to-face interviews in the street, at specialized fairs, at favourable moments to meet the targeted stakeholders, sometimes more difficult to reach another way.

Some references:

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