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Here are the best tools and standards that shape the quality of our services: ISO 26000, AA1000, SA 8000, LCA and Bilan Carbone (c).


Stratégie: ISO 26000

These Guidelines structure the entire approach to Social Responsibility: principles, identification of business challenges, stakeholder engagement, verification of impacts related to core issues and establishing efficient systems of governance and due diligence. Foundation for quality, clear language with an international scope, a jewel you should better know and integrate with our tailored training! CAP has managed the Belgian ISO 26000 website since the inaugural conference of April 1st, 2011 training. Do you want an overview of ISO 26000 in 45 minutes live?


Reporting: Global Reporting Initiative – GRI et Integrated Reporting – IIRC

The GRI Guidelines provide a process to develop a sustainability report and a set of indicators useful to consider. Several levels of monitoring and implementation are possible, if the basic principles are respected: commitment from senior management, stakeholder consultation, and quality of information provided. To better master the Guidelines, consider subscribing to one of our certified courses, our consortium has the exclusivity for the Benelux! CAP remains informed as an “Organisational Stakeholder” of the GRI.

IIRC is a British think tank that pushes the current practice of reporting to more crossover of information between financial results and social and environmental performance. An excellent initiative to inform any reader about the complexity and the cross-effects of economic, social and environmental practices, without separating them into pillars.


Stakeholder consultation: AA 1000 SES – Stakeholder Engagement Standard

In the AA1000 series developed by ISEA-AccountAbility UK, AA1000 SES provides a structured approach to quality by identifying, inviting, interacting and being accountable to stakeholders, within a SR process. CAP is trained to the standard and practices it automatically with its clients in their engagement process.


Assurance and audit reports: AA1000 AS – Assurance Standard

Unfortunately rarely applied, AA1000 AS ensures reliability and credibility of non-financial information you provide in a sustainability report. CAP is AA1000 AS auditor and can therefore audit and make statements based on the principles of materiality, completeness and relevance of your report. AA 1000 AS is closely linked to ISAE 3000, used by some external auditors.


Social Audits: SA 8000

Designed by SAI, SA 8000 is a management system that integrates, into the practices of a company, a documented and full compliance with the eight core conventions of the ILO on decent working conditions. CAP has been trained to become an SA 8000 auditor. CAP prepares clients for social audits by implementing practices that respect the rights of workers in their factory or their suppliers’.


Environment: LCA –  Life Cycle Analysis with Simapro and Bilan Carbone (c),


Environmental managementl: EMAS and ISO 14001


We know and also recommend:

    • Health and Safety at work:  OHSAS 18001
    • Overall Quality: EFQM Excellence Model