CAP supports NGO “Espérance Revivre au Congo”

ERC congo

Each year, CAP sponsorship policy (minimum 5% of its profits from the previous year) supports an African initiative that invests in the areas of sustainability, education, entrepreneurship or human rights .

Follow this link and see how much we appreciate the efforts of the non-profit Espérance Revivre au Congo that reinserts child soldiers and raped women in the violence in eastern Congo.

Here is the project that we support this year:

The survivors of the massacre of December 30, 1999 in the town of Makobola (South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo), are struggling to survive. Organization for coaching and development of disaster Makobola (OESDM) takes care of vulnerable groups (widows, single mothers, child soldiers) to enable them to live in dignity. “Espérance Revivre au Congo” (ERC) supports OESDM efforts to develop different income generating activities. Supported by CAP conseil, a sewing workshop for the training of women will soon be opened to support community dynamics already underway.” (Espérance Revivre au Congo)

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