Our engagement for Society

Mur avec citation All shall be egual before the law

Our ambition is to strengthen the commitment of all types of organizations towards sustainable development. This involves anchoring, in the daily business of our customers, ethical reflexes, good governance and responsibility towards Society for the impacts of their activities and decisions.

Our job is to identify and improve our customers’ added value in Society: their utility, their role and their impact. We do this by providing methods and tools that help them to be part of this driving force.

We apply values in the way we work, it is our guarantee towards you.

  • INTEGRITY: We walk the talk. We do our best and listen to requests of stakeholders. Respect for others and the acceptance of differences are essential for us.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We have nothing to hide, on the way CAP works and on what happens within its sphere of influence. To always be understood, we make our message accessible and encourage dialogue. We are clear about our intentions within the team and with our stakeholders.
  •  RESPONSIBILITY: We take the responsibilities entrusted to us. We learn from our successes and our mistakes. We are accountable for our actions towards Society and our sphere of influence.
  • EVALUATION: We improve continuously to evolve with our employees and our stakeholders. We systematically evaluate our services and the strength of our social responsibility.

CAP conseil draws willingly inspiration from the seven principles of the ISO 26000 Guidelines on Social Responsibility to support its values: accountability, transparency, ethical behavior, recognition of stakeholder interests, respect for the rule of law, for international norms of behavior and for human rights.