Our history

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CAP conseil was born 10 years ago from a simple observation: many organizations were interested in integrating sustainable development into their daily management and policies, but, in Belgium, hardly no consulting firm was able to answer their questions in a pragmatic and innovative way. The market has now evolved from awareness to training, from studying what happens to standardized approaches, from good ideas to best practices. We are part of the movement, specializing on multiple tools and standards: the British series AA1000, SA 8000, OHSAS 18001, EFQM and Bilan Carbone (c).

Our greatest commitment was to represent the private sector on the international scene during the writing process of the ISO 26000 Guidelines on Social Responsibility. Self-supported during 6 years, this work took us through learning, multi-stakeholder approaches and debates.

For five years, the team was made of the 2 founding partners. This gave us maximum flexibility and freedom of action. Seduced by intelligent and creative trainees, we took the step to hire and expand our team with different skills and backgrounds. Thanks to clashes of visions and Generation Y, today our team is dynamic, competent and open to the world.


CAP conseil is a private company founded by Marie d’Huart and Serge De Backer in 2003, specialized in consulting and analysis in sustainability. Environmental lawyer and negotiator of industrial contracts, she came from the private sector. He was editor of Alter Business News, a news agency he had created at the forefront of ethical finance.

Today, CAP has strengthened its team by associating sales engineers and bioengineers, supported by an extensive network of professionals in Belgium and abroad.