Philanthropy policy

3 femmes africaines les pieds dans l'eau

CAP conseil would like to encourage some initiatives with donations or support, in addition to its social responsibility taken in its daily practice as consultant and auditor. Every year CAP spends at least 5% of its annual profit (calculated on the previous year’s basis) to social projects in line with its vision of sustainable development.

These projects meet the following criteria:

  • exclusive geographical criteria: the project takes place in or is related to Africa.
  • favourite themes: education, development, human rights, woman and child protection, contribution to the millennium development goals, biodiversity protection.

Favourite beneficiaries:

  • NGO’s, non-profit organisations working on or supporting projects in Africa. Individual donations or support are excluded.
  • these organisations:
    • are recognized for their good governance,
    • have a real sustainability impact on the field,
    • offer innovative projects and solutions.

The request for support is made by the organization itself or by someone from CAP conseil.

CAP conseil reserves itself the right:

  • to organize a field visit of the supported project;
  • to communicate its support and the successes of the supported organization.

The support and amount decisions are taken unanimously by the two partners of CAP conseil, after consultation of the team.