2 years after its publication, ISO 26000 is put in debate in an open forum in Geneva

ISO 26000 - Développement durable et responsabilité sociétale

ISO has invited in Geneva experts of the working group and other people interested in ISO 26000 with the primary aim of sharing experiences implementing guidelines around the world and to deduce the possible future perspectives . You can find all the presentations, the existing tools and parallel emerging initiatives on the following sites:

  • www.iso.org/sr : platform with tools, training, presentations (including those of the Geneva Forum)
  • www.afnor.fr/ : see in particular the standard of credibility in social responsibility: XP X30-027 (December 2010) “Développement durable – Responsabilité sociétale – Rendre crédible une démarche de responsabilité sociétale basée sur l’ISO 26000”
  • www.nen.nl : see the publication “NPR 9026 – Guidance on self-declaration NEN-ISO 26000”

CAP conseil will continue its voluntary commitment in the revision of ISO 26000 and closely follows new developments in standardization in terms of social responsibility.

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