CAP and FGF invite Pr. Jan Rotmans

conférence FGF 14 mai

The Enterprise, Innovation & Sustainable Development Circle of the Foundation for Future Generations has the pleasure to invite you to:

Regional economic transition:
Towards a sustainable new industry and economy


Conference of Prof. Jan Rotmans (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam),
leading expert in transition economy and system innovations,
partner of TEKES (Finnish Agency for Technology and Innovation)


Tuesday 14 May 2013, 18:00, Alstom, Charleroi


In an inspiring conference on tomorrow’s industry, Prof. Jan Rotmans will address the issues of regional economic transition management towards a sustainable industry and economy: how to relocalize talents, develop new skills and integrate social and environmental impacts of the economy. He will illustrate his case with examples, a.o. successes from the ongoing economic transition in Finland towards sustainable development.

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