Achats responsables: le nouveau standard ISO PC 277 progresse – feedback du Brésil

The Iguaçu Meeting ended up with the proposal of a new structure for the future standard on sustainable procurement – ISO PC 277.
So far, 16 countries take part to the works: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Israel, China, Japan, Australia, USA. DRC was announced but did not attend.
The group of 45 people present would welcome the presence of African countries in the future of the process.
The working group starts now the drafting of a new text, that will be submitted to participating countries for comment and ballot this summer. The next international meeting will take place in the fall 2014.

There is a serious shift from the first French draft in 2 volumes, towards a logical flow of steps, from the more general aspects to the practical steps of procurement.

The new document will be organised in 3 parts, and the content will be strongly inspired by ISO 26000.

Structure of the draft ISO PC 277 guidelines on sustainable procurement

Part I. Setting the fundamentals – strategy
– What is sustainable procurement?
a. Including principles of social responsibility
– Organisational drivers
– Integrating sustainability in your procurement policy
a. Alignment of organisational sustainability policy and the procurement approach
b. Key procurement steps and materiality process

Part II. Organising the procurement function towards sustainability
– Setting priorities
– Enabling people
– Governing procurement
– Engaging with stakeholders
– Measuring and improving performance
– Communicating

Part III. Integrating sustainability in the procurement process
– Sourcing and preparation of the process
– Sustainability aspects of good or service specification
– Sustainability aspects of supplier selection
– Sustainability aspects of contracting, ordering and monitoring
– Evaluate, adjust and improve performance on sustainability aspects

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