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The G4 guidelines are out!

They raise the bar of sustainability reporting : a strong materiality must be defined, the stakeholder engagement valued and described, new disclosures insist on governance, ethics and supply chain issues. Exactly what CAP’s courses are about. We ensure that the transition happens smoothly for the new and advanced reporters.

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Costs: EUR 1450 (excluding VAT). The registration fee covers workshop attendance, training documents and certificate, the G4 guidelines, the GRI handbook, sustainable coffee breaks and buffet lunches.

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CAP conseil is certified partner in the following countries (through the Africa consortium for Sustainability Training)logo consortium afrique – trainings can be given in French or English:

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo: training to be defined
  • Ivory Coast: training to be defined
  • Senegal: training to be defined

GRI training sessions – Programme

CAP conseil provides an interactive training session to learn how to develop and align your reporting strategy with the GRI Guidelines. The training session offers a detailed approach on the GRI reporting process, with exercises, tools and concrete cases. Materiality, stakeholder management and indicator protocols will be at the heart of the discussion. The integrated reporting concept will also be discussed.

The GRI Certified Training Course (two days) introduces GRI and the five phases of the GRI sustainability reporting process. As a broad overview, the training consists of:

      • Sustainability context and introduction to GRI
      • Prepare: Plan your GRI sustainability reporting process
      • Connect: Dialogue with stakeholders
      • Define: Focus your efforts
      • Monitor: Build your report
      • Report: Check and communicate

This course helps participants to understand and coordinate the GRI sustainability reporting process. Running for a minimum of 16 hours, it is suitable for all organizations that want to learn more about GRI and sustainability reporting.

The GRI Certified Training Module on Stakeholder Engagement (one day) focuses on defining key stakeholders and dialoguing with them. This module focuses on dialogue with key stakeholders, and is recommended for participants who have attended the GRI Certified Training Course. It offers learning on the principles and concepts of stakeholder dialogue, and runs for a minimum of seven hours.

The GRI Certified Training Module on Defining Report Content (one day) focuses on GRI’s Principles and guidance for deciding the most relevant and meaningful content for a sustainability report. This module is recommended for participants who have attended the GRI Certified Training Course and want to learn more about the principles and concepts for defining the content of a sustainability report.

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Get the GRI documents for your organisation

All the useful documents are available on the GRI website: In the « download section », you will find the G4 Guidelines and the supplements and/or annexes concerning your organisation and sector of activity.

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